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    Pallet rack steel shelving system

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    Russell Industries is proud to offer an extensive selection of competitively priced new and used warehouse storage equipment for a variety of businesses. Find pallet rack systems, steel shelf units, dock equipment, mezzanines, yard ramps and a wealth of other standard warehouse supplies to enhance the productivity of your daily operations today. Beyond our excellent supply of warehouse storage options, we also stock essential industrial equipment like forklifts, electric pallet jacks and pallet stackers. We offer both new and used options that make great fits for all kinds of warehouses and storage centers. We also deliver and install any new or used warehouse equipment to any location…locally or out of state.
    The modern pallet rack is a sturdy workhorse capable of holding its listed capacity - as long as you don't overload, mis-load, or collide with, or otherwise abuse it. And nothing abuses a rack upright like a forklift impact. These systems can support a lot of weight, and take it up high into otherwise unused warehouse space. This is all to the good - but what if an upright has been compromised and you don't know about it? Drivers are not likely to report collisions, so you may not know if a rack has been compromised.
     Because people can die in a rack collapse, and because you can dump tens of thousands of pounds of inventory worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars even if you are fortunate enough to avoid injuries or fatalities, rack inspections are always a good idea.
    pallet rack steel shelving


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